FTC Announces First Settlement of Privacy-By-Design Case against Device Manufacturer

Posted on February 28th, 2013 in Digital Commerce, Federal Issues By BuckleySandler

On February 22, the FTC announced that a mobile device manufacturer agreed to settle charges that it failed to employ reasonable and appropriate security practices in the design and customization of the software on its mobile devices. The settlement is the first of its kind obtained by the FTC. The FTC’s complaint alleged that the manufacturer failed to (i) provide its engineering staff with adequate security training, (ii) review or test the software on its mobile devices for potential security vulnerabilities, (iii) follow well-known and commonly accepted secure coding practices, and (iv) establish a process for receiving and addressing vulnerability reports from third parties. The complaint further described several resulting vulnerabilities that allegedly compromised sensitive device functionality and could have permitted malicious applications to send text messages, record audio, and install additional malware onto a consumer’s device. Such malware, according to the FTC, could be used to record and transmit information entered into or stored on the device. The settlement requires the device manufacturer to establish a comprehensive security program and deploy security patches to consumers’ devices. The manufacturer also is prohibited from making any false or misleading statements about the security and privacy of consumers’ data on its devices.

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