Tenth Circuit Holds Notice Does Not Extend Three-Year TILA Rescission Right

Posted on June 16th, 2012 in Courts, Firm News, Mortgages By BuckleySandler

On June 11, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit held that mere notice from a borrower does not extend the three-year period for filing an action for rescission under TILA. Rosenfield v. HSBC Bank, USA, No. 10-1442, 2012 WL 2087193 (10th Cir. Jun 11, 2012). In so holding, the unanimous three-judge panel rejected the position of the amicus brief filed by the CFPB and sided with the defendant-lender and three financial industry trade groups. Relying on Beach v. Ocwen Federal Bank, 523 U.S. 410 (1998), the Tenth Circuit emphasized that TILA’s three-year statute of repose was a strict limit on the time for filing suits for rescission. According to the court, an attempt to extend the period by filing a notice within the three-year period would be inconsistent with that strict limit. Furthermore, the court reasoned that adopting the borrower’s position would make TILA enforcement difficult and expensive, all while clouding title on foreclosed homes. This decision deepens an already-existent circuit split between the Ninth Circuit (which took the same approach as the Tenth Circuit) and the Fourth Circuit (which concluded that notice within the three-year period was sufficient). The Eighth and Third Circuits currently are considering the same issue in pending cases.